Consulting Services

At R.G. McGraw Insurance Agency we provide an array of consulting services seperate and apart from the soliciation and implementation of any insurance product. As your Risk Advisor, our actions are devoid of any competing interest or enticement. Due to the scope and sophistication of most businesses, it is imperative that we seek first to understand your company and then present a written analysis and report outlining our recommendations and the services we can provide.

Consulting Regarding Insurance
Insurance Policy Analysis & Audit

In depth review of all insurance policy documents (policies, summaries, endorsements, audits, etc.), all documents that pertain to your program in place.

Insurance Claims History Review

We scrutinize your losses, claims, and reports from the insurance carriers to interpret their impact on the policies in force and those to come.

Certificate of Insurance Review

We review and analyze all Certificate's of Insurance from subcontractor/vendors to scrutinize the status afforded to you. We also review the insurance coverage limits, carrier strength, terms and conditions disclosed by this important document.

Create Requests for Proposals

Prepare coverage specifications as needed for soliciting quotes, and subsequently reviewing all quotes from participating agency/brokerages as prescribed and requested by you, the client.

Contract Analysis

Analyze and interpret contracts, leases, agreements, that interface with insurance policies which may present conflicts or additional liabilities. These typically include Independent Contractor agreements, supplier/vendor contracts, customer contracts, etc. While we do not practice law, we render opinions to you on the insurance program in place and how they impact the insurance policies, which are legal documents.


We will prepare an annual calendar of Stewardship for planning purposes and action steps to manage the spectrum of policies. We will continue to seek and find opportunities that reduce cost and manage risk.